Brokehead Skate Jam Perth 2009 report

On the morning of the jam was to be held we arrived at the park around 10.30am ish, and already there was a good crowd of locals
all hyped up ready for the day ahead!

We proceeded to construct the gazeebo/marquees thingys to give shelter for the DJ on hand  (Fubby from Arbroath).

The weather the day before wasn’t the greatest, however this morning it was a little windy, BUT the sun was shining! woo hoo!

More and more people arrived throughout the day from all over Scotland.

Everyone was skating really hard by early afternoon, and there was a certain buzz in the air that made you think it was gonna be a belter!

Perth locals Winston and Pete (sponsored by Brokehead) both were on fire, hittin up crazy lines that you wouldn’t even think of.

Winston was nailing kickflip nose grabs over the big box, while Pete was K grinding the coping full length behind the wee spine ‘Marseilles’
coming into regular.
Mikey ‘slobs’ was also skating super fast and didn’t look like he’d been off it for a while at all! Boosting his trademark melon fakies with ease.

Benson and his crew showed up and were totally sick as you’d expect.
Colin Kennedy made an appearance also, and I’m sure I saw benji there from back in the day too!

The Dundee crew were in force with usual suspects Blair, Gusho, John, etc.
Oh and some guy that looked like he was just back from Hawaii! (sorry I forgot your name dude).

Deciding on the comp format was at first a bit of a disaster.

We thought that a ‘Jam’ style format where everyone skated at once, then picked out the 3 overall best skaters of the day would work.

It didn’t.

There were tons of people all skating at the same time, and they were all skating too good to decide!

So we agreed on asking for peoples names on paper ( think there was around 30 in total ), split into groups, knockout rounds etc, etc.

All the heats were rad.

Young kids ripping it up in the same heats as Blair, Tea bag, Pete, Asbo Paul, Joss and the likes was really good to watch.

By this time Glen and I had scooped quite a few beers! (although Glens are now ALCOHOL FREE!)

We got through the heats making some tough decisions on who to put through.

In the end it came to the final few. Asbo Paul, Winston, Pete, Tea Bag and i think Kerr was in there too.
Totally can’t remember it was that crazy!

4 minutes. One word. Gnarly!

Asbo Paul nailed a flip melon over the big box, plus hittin up disasters on the vert wall.

Winston 360 nose grabbed the big box, nice blunts, 5-0’s, etc.

Pete was skating the best and fastest i’ve seen him do!
Clearing into the big bowl from the mini bowl.
Crazy long K Grinds, smiths, backside 5-0 fakies.

However, Tea bag was on it!

Front blunt the vert wall, nice smith grinds, transfers.
And a line that hadn’t been done at the park before!
Coming the opposite way ollieing from the kicker into the big bowl! Massive!

We gave everyone some time to chill/skate do what ever while we decided the results.

After a little debating Glen, Ally and I decided on the following.

  1. Tea Bag. (deservedly).
  2. Pete. 
  3. Joint 3rd – Winston and Asbo Paul.

There were also prizes on hand for best trick over the box, on the vert wall and in the bowl.
With DVD’s tees, Hoodys, Stickers, etc, to those who stepped up their game!!

Asbo Paul nailed a flip backside disaster on the vert wall.
While Tea Bag switch backside disastered it.
Pete was coming close to front 5-0’s along then tail slide down the escalator.
Kerr nailed something but I can’t remember what it was!? Sorry dude.
Winston was blunting it, flip nose grabbing over the box among other things.

And a dude with the blue/ orange pumps (never got your name man!?) pulled a kickflip footplant to fakie on the wall, which was sick as.

After all the best trick shenanigans was over, it was time for the good old product toss in the bowl!
Kids wrestling over ‘the other shoe’ is always funny to see!!

Overall the day was amazing and was long overdue due to previous years attempts.

I want to thank all the sponsors who helped out with the event, and also to everyone who came down!
It wouldn’t have been such a rad day without you.

Till next year!

Cheers, Mac from Brokehead Skateshop.

Photo credits: Keri Fullwood

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