Mark Burrows Interview

This has been a long time coming (I hear you all say). A bit of background on this one. Skateboard Scotland got Mark Burrows and his long time friend (a amazing artist) Jason Thomson together to produce a graphic for a board to be printed by third foot for Skateboard Scotland. You will of all seen the graphic by now. Skateboard Scotland forum users were given the opportunity to win a signed Skateboard Scotland board by asking Mark questions. The winner of the board is the person who asked mark the best question (decided by Mark). Here are the results:

Do you think your children will become better at
skateboarding than you one day?

 Ah hope they enjoy themselves
as much as i do. Hell, they may well rebel and f**k skating right off and
fruitboot or somethin. However ah can say that they’re both better at bein
ginger than me.

What is the most
gnarliest slam you have taken?

a long list there but the one that sticks out is fallin backwards into livi bowl
and crackin the back of ma head on the flat where the local scallies burn the
bottlebanks. Aw aye and that was ma first time at livi. Didn’t know

Is there anything you wouldn’t indy nose

Ah’ll pretty much frontside nosepick
anything, ah’m a bit more selective with indy nosepicks. 

Where is
the most bizzare place that skateboarding has taken

Hands down Bahrain wi the adio boys.
F**kin loved that place. Thanks Nick. 

How many trucker hats do
you own?

36 also how old i

Where is your favorite spot to skate in

20 years ago it was the Drill Hall in
TRANENT. 10 years ago it was bristo square and livi. These days everywhere is ma
favourite spot. 


Drill hall cos it was self made diy lets
f**kin do this and keep it movin. Ah mean lookin back that was the best times
ever, we had our own indoor skatepark party shack for free. One set of keys for
the door and we had em. Good friends and good times.

Wood or


Baccy or tabs?

Regal King Size.

Buckie or


Old or New?

Old trucks new


Do you have a good balance between
your work/family life and your skating?

No. I work way
too much. Its real expensive bein me.


If you
tried to strangle a smurf, what colour would it

Who cares.


Have you ever banged yer heid in the bristo banks

Yup, a few times. Punched aswell. That
subway is so low. 

Bristo banks with

Ah miss Tattie a lot. He’s happily
married in the States now. Ah would have the best times skatin a curb on a wet
sunday afternoon wi him.



circle thing on ma right forearm. 


right round the lower part of ma plasterin arm. 

Fondest Livi

be either watchin the creature crew tear it a new arsehole or Div, Stu or Benson
casually tearin it a new arsehole regularly. 

If you could skate
anywhere with anybody, where and who would be there?

would probably be that park in the cayman islands with everyone ah skate with at
the moment and my son, Ollie, and Tattie and Ricky.


Whats your best skating memory so

Recieving my first proper set up with
independent trucks. 

Do you like snaking others? (especially at OT
thursday night sessions or any skate) haha

Ah don’t snake anyone. Ah roll in and get
ma shred on. Just like you should.  

Do you think ur a
intimidating guy to others at skateparks?

Nah not at


If you add together ever gind you
have done in your life, do you think you have grinded the length and or width of
the UK yet?



How do you
have so much fun all the time?

Fun is a funny word fun is. 

Do you mean to learn all
those tricks you do or does it just happen?

Mean tricks just happen.

Have you and scott ever had a
fight? who won?

We fight every Monday night and Wednesday night. I win on Monday
nights and i win on Wednesday nights

Have you ever done a blunt heelflip

Are you f**kin kiddin? Have you seen ma blunts? 

much did tat jeep car thing you have

Big Blue cost only £2000. The best thing ah’ve ever bought.
Automatic and disel powered. 

How often do you shave your

Ah’m rockin the long hair right now. 

How many hats do
you own?

Around fifty.

Do you ever wish you grew up in haddington
instead of tregnent?


Why do people point to their wrist when
asking for the time but don’t point to their crotch when asking where the
bathroom is?

You have good observational
skills or you’ve just watched a jimmy carr dvd.

Why do they sterilise
needles used in lethal injections?

They don’t, they use rusty
blunt bent ones. 

If a offered to buy you a
drink in the pub and put a tune on the juke-box, what drink and tune would you

Ah would be sittin with a pint of budweiser and a chaser of sailor
jerry’s and we’d be listenin to "workin man" by Bob Wayne and The Outlaw

I heard through the grapevine that your a HUGE fan of Jason
Statham, that charming cockney thug of the tellie, is this true?


if a offered you 1 million pounds to cut off one of your
pinky fingers, would you do it?

Naw, ah quite like ma pinky

If you knew someone who was driving their car with no
insurence, would you grass them to crime-stoppers?


Some of the best scottish skaters
I’ve meet have really cool nicknames, like Haggis, Popé, Div, mark 92, mean dave
and Ali "bite the kerb" menzies. Do you have a



If you were to have your life made
into a movie, which actor would you want to play you?

  Danny De


You wake up on in hospital, doctor
says he can either save your arms or your legs, but not both. which would you
choose to have amputated and why?

Ah would
lose ma legs cos ah just got a dartboard and ah’m enjoyin throwin darts just


Do you shave your head less or more
regularly than you snake?

Ah do shave
ma head but ah don’t snake. 

Are you onroad or offroad?



Are those hands or plaster scoops?

These hands
are a lot of things. 

What is a bowl with no coping and no trannie?

The flat?

According to Mark the best question was the tregnent
one. So the lovely Mark Burrows signed Skateboard Scotland board goes to Kerr Mclaughlan. The prize was signed and awarded at OT skatepark Check out the photos.


Cheers Ali

The Big T board

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