UKSA Mini Ramp Champs

Skateboard Scotland took a mini bus fool of Scots down to the UKSA Mini Ramp champs. The Scots did well with Murray and Needle doing us proud in the under 16 and T-bag and Paris killing the over 16s. We all had a great time and made in back in one piece. It is a long way to Skegness. A full report will be posted later. In the mean time here are the results and the footage from Ryan at Sidewalk:


Under 16’s:

1: Murry
2: Ryan Hurt
3: Needle
4: Olly Beeby
Matty Carlisle

Over 16’s:

1: T-Bag
2: Man Paris
3: Dean
4: Tom Day
5: Tom Bailey


Greg Nowik
2: Manhead
3: Jake Collins
4: Mike Wright
5: Kris
6: Daryl Nobbs
7: Marc Churchill
8: Sam Pulley
9: Ben
10: Rob Smith

The sponsors for the event were:  Monster, Vans, I-Path, Elwood, Plan B, Karma, Skull Candy, Real,
DGK, Volcom, The Harmony, Ricta, Elwood and Progression Action Sports



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