Dumbarton park having problems renewing their Entertainment license

Here is a wee article from the Evening times:

Boss pledges skatepark will stay open after licence blow


The park is popular with skaters and BMX bikers.Picture: Andy Buchanan

The manager of the UK’s biggest indoor skatepark said he is confident
the facility will not close after his licence was not renewed on advice from the

Chick Mailey, who runs Unit 23 Skatepark in Dumbarton, will appeal against
the decision by West Dunbartonshire Council’s licensing committee.

Dumbarton police sergeant George Stewart told the committee at its recent
meeting that Unit 23’s landlord Stephen King had faced a number of criminal
charges in the past..

The skatepark, which has a membership of about 14,000, is expected to remain
open until any appeal is heard. It must be lodged within 28 days.

Mr Mailey said: “Things are being finalised by lawyers at the moment but we
are in the process of launching an appeal.

“There’s no chance that the park will shut, I don’t know how long the appeal
process will take but I’m pretty positive we will remain open.”

The skatepark is owned by a Mr Taghi who owns all units at the Old Bond site
in Dumbarton East. SKAM (Stephen King Asset Management) started collecting rent
as the landlord in January 2009.

Councillors refused to grant Mr Mailey his public entertainment licence until
Mr King’s contract is terminated.

Police told the committee Mr King, under SKAM, has faced a number of charges
over the years, including alleged serious assault, police assault and cannabis

A council spokeswoman said: “The grounds of refusal were that the activity in
respect of which the licence was sought would be carried on for the benefit of
Mr Stephen King who would be refused the renewal of such a licence if he made
the application himself.

“An application by Mr King would be refused as he would not be a fit and
proper person to be the holder of such a licence.” At 56,000 sq ft Unit 23 is
the largest indoor skate park in the UK. It has been open since 2002.

The successful park, in an ex-whisky warehouse, is home to the country’s
largest foam pit. Facilities were designed and built by members.

Mr Mailey said: “We have no connection with SKAM except that we pay them the
rent. We don’t have any choice in who the landlord is.”

Skateboard Scotland have been in touch with Chick at Unit23 and he is pretty sure that his lawyers have everything in control to get this issue sorted out. All the best Chick!

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