UK Mini ramp champs

Skateboard Scotland took a mini bus full of Scots down to the UK Mini ramp champs in Skegness again this year. The Scots did not perform as well as they should or did last year. Maybe they will do better next year. Anyway we all had a rad time at Skeg Vegas again. Cheers to Nik at the Xsite park for getting a discounted entry and being a fine break dancing host. The results were as follows:

1 Josh Manhead Young
2 Greg Nowik
3 Andy Scott
4 T-Bag
5 Chris
6 Ben Devine
7 Jake Collins
8 Sam Pulley
9 Jed Cullen
Sam Beckett
11 Eddie Belvedere
12 Kris Vile
13= Will Golding, Josh
15 Alex Halford
16 Mark Radman
17 Alex Lally
18 Rob
19= Craig Smedley, Daryl Nobbs
21 Joe The Bear Habgood
22 Chav
23 Nick Roberts
24 Avid
25 Dave Pegg
26 Dougy
27 Dan
28 Josh Walters
29 Dean Robertson
30 Daz Pearcy
Kieran placed 6th in the under 16s but not sure where any of the next of the guys who entered came. Better luck next year guys. In the meantime here are a couple of Edits that are out there: 

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