Edinburgh Young Guns Comp

Edinburgh Local along with help from Focus, Route 1 and Boardwise organised the first Young Guns comp at Saughton park. The event was strictly for the under 18s. There were different ages groups for the street section followed by a battle in the park section cumulating in an overall Young Gun award built by Murray and his wife. I missed the 13 and under due to a late arrival however the skating in the other groups was of a high standard. The results were as follows:


13 and Under:

1 Lachlan

 2 Geordie

3 Tristan


14-18 Street:

1 Neil Kellas

2 Kieran Menzies

3 Arron



1 Kieran Menzies

2 Neil Kellas

3 Chris Grant


Young Gun of the Day was Neil Kellas. Big props for skating hard all day and get well soon mate. Your trophy has been engraved make sure that you get it next time you are down in Edinburgh.


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