"We are pleased to announce that on Friday
October 14th 2011 Transgression Park will re-open. Located in a new
larger venue we believe that we have created something amazing and can’t
wait for you to all come and enjoy it.

One of the issues with the previous Transgression was that due to the
lack of space it was hard to change what was already there or add new
features. For the new park we addressed this issue, interchangeable
features throughout the park offering endless combinations using
different rails, ledges, boxes and sub-boxes. Our build team (Vision
Ramps) have also introduced ‘POP Technology’, areas of the ground
surrounding rails and ledges have been hardened to allow extra pop for

The cost of a new annual membership is £35; this entitles you to 25%
off sessions, 25% off equipment hire and 10% off everything in our new
shop. Until the 31st of October we are offering memberships at a
discounted rate of £25. To take advantage of this offer you need to come
and visit us. We are open every Saturday from 12noon-6pm, so come along
and have a look around before we open on the 14th of October.

Follow us on Facebook Twitter and also here on the website.

We will be announcing a lot more information closer to the opening that you do not want to miss."

So there will be another indoor park ready for the start of winter. Bonus. Let’s hope that they kept the wee Jolly Green Giant metal bar out front. Be nice to get another session there without getting busted for skating. For more info check out their site here: http://www.transgressionpark.com/