Killin the Kirk jam write up

The forecast was for Rain and nothing was organised. So bit of a shambles, however thanks to Seanie and his PA, some Skateboard Scotland Prizes and Gene as well as a donation of some prizes from StraitWurly (the new shop in Stirling) a rad comp was pulled together.

There was a not a massive turnout from the SYB crew with in fact only Aaron representing them. The Saughton massive repped hard as usual with Kieran absolutely destroying the park.  Results were as follows:

1st Kieran Menzies (making everything)

2nd Mark Burrows (shredding as usual)

3rd Dougie (getting some nice big grabs)
4th Brian Inglis (skating consistently well)
5th Martin Socks (having an off day unusual for him)
6th Aaron Wilmot (only SYB head to show)
7th Ian Beatty (Local with a rad noseblunt slide)
8th Jalba (repping Saughton proper for the old school)
minus Gnar points for Colin Adam on John Anderson for Skating the Edinburgh park instead of hitting the comp.
Extra point to Seanie for getting up with a hangover and doing the PA thing.







Check out photos taken by David at SnapGotYou

and footage here:

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