Concrete Slayer Series Edinburgh Final write up

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. Been too busy nursing my dying bus.

Anyway I digress. The Final of the Concrete Slayer Series took place on the 8th of September 2012 and with Double points up for grabs the lovely trophy was anyone’s for the taking. Daryl Smith from Dundee has once again done the Scottish Skateboard scene proud by producing an amazing trophy for the Concrete Slayer winner.

Massive props must go out to everyone who was involved during the course of the year running their local grass roots events and bringing them together to form the series! Every leg was rad and by the time it came to Saughton more and more people were interested in getting in on the event.

The final certainly did not disappoint. The format of the Jam was exactly that and that made it easier for us the organisers to enjoy ourselves as well as ensuring that it was not too organised. Product was provided by Skateboard Scotland, SYB, Focus and Edinburgh Local for the Jam. Skateboard Scotland also donated some of their hard earned funds for the bowl jam and the winner of the series.

Colin Adam was destroying the whole park all day and their was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was the out right winner on the day. More massive 20 foot (wide) bonelesses in the street section, to wonderous tricks on the oververt pocket and the just complete destruction of the bowl and quality diving board built by Coco and Edinburgh Local. Colin won the best trick over the diving board with a fridgid air.

Kieran Menzies skates at the park all the time and is a defo Edinburgh local. So to say that he shredding hard on the day is an understatement. He made a massive frontside flip up the Euro Gap, back smithed the back of the over vert pocket and pulled off a massive frontside nose blunt  on the big Mexican flat bank. A well deserved Second place was earned on the day. He also gained the Young gun of the year award  from the week before (rained off) to add to his collection of bounty on the day! Well done my son!

Martin was up to his usual antics and making all sorts of ridiculous tricks all day giving him 3rd place on the day and propelling him into First place for whole series! Well deserved considering the effort he put in over the whole summer! Here are the full results and a bit of footage from Chris Clark.





This was from the platform, over the diving board and in!


This went Straight to flat bottom for the slam of the day!

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