Bristo Square: The end of an era

Bristo Sq in Edinburgh has been the hub of Scottish Street skating since the 80s. It has certainly seen better days and has suffered a healthy grinding and beating. However it’s upcoming destruction along with the redevelopment of the area by Edinburgh University will be a massive loss to the Scottish skateboarding scene. As Edinburgh […]

All This Mayhem – Tas & Ben Pappas Documentary

If you’ve been skating since the early 1990’s you’ll be familiar with the names Tas and Ben Pappas, two brothers from Melbourne, Australia who dominated the vert scene at that time. What you may or may not know is what became of them, this documentary “All This Mayhem” (made by the same people that made […]

‘Overcast’ by Iron Giraffe

‘Overcast’ by Iron Giraffe contains skating in various parts of Scotland. Filmed / edited by Paul McConnach with skating by Adam Paris, Jamie Bolland, Paul Silvester, Tom Shimmin, Rauri, Ross McSherry, Danny Jack, Daniel Nicholas, Kerr McLaughlan, Colin Adam, Mark ‘T-Bag’ Murray, Dave Lane, Keith Allan and more. You can pick up your own copy of the video over […]