All This Mayhem – Tas & Ben Pappas Documentary

If you’ve been skating since the early 1990’s you’ll be familiar with the names Tas and Ben Pappas, two brothers from Melbourne, Australia who dominated the vert scene at that time. What you may or may not know is what became of them, this documentary “All This Mayhem” (made by the same people that made the film ‘Senna’ and the ‘Exit through the gift shop’ film about Banksy) covers all of this and gives a different perspective of that era in skateboarding.

It’s a film that pull any punches (well worth going to see regardless of whether you’re a skater or not).

Here’s the trailer:

The film is running at a few different cinemas in Scotland, here are some of the scheduled screenings that we know of (Note that it’s a 15 cert as it is pretty mature content):

DCA, Dundee – Note: There will be a live Skype Q&A with Tas Pappas after the Sat 9th August screening at the DCA.
Fri 8 – Thur 15 August

GFT, Glasgow
Fri 15 – Thur 21 August

Cameo, Edinburgh
Dates tbc

Belmont, Aberdeen
Fri 15 – Mon 17 August

Filmhouse, Edinburgh
Tues 02 -Thurs 04 Sept

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