Skateboard Scotland organised the first ever Scottish Street Championships at the New Kaos Indoor Concrete Skatepark in East Kilbride on the 13th of September 2014. As with most indoor events in Scotland you are never really sure who is going to bother to show up. But we were all stoked to see carloads of skaters travelling from all over Scotland to skate the new park and enter the new event.

There were only actually 30 riders that entered the competition but to say that the quality of the riders was high would be a massive understatement. We had four esteemed judges on the go, Rick Curran, Goosho, Zee Yule and Neil Currie, with one armed Ali Menzies on the MIC. The event was run in a 5 man group set up with an intro run and then a jam for each group. This is a nice wee format that allows the judges and crowd to get to know who all the riders are and also allow the riders a chance to skate the park properly on their own if they keep landing their tricks on their first run.

This format enabled the judges to whittle the riders down to a top 10 and a wild card. So we had two final jams to decide the final seeding. Sean Willis was obvious as a local who had got to know his new park and managed to place 5th with a solid bunch of tricks. Kieran Menzies managed to get into 4th with a lovely frontside flip over one of the banks and also getting the big quarter to bank gap nailed. Adam Paris came in third place with a collection of nice tricks and full use of the entire park. Second place was taken by the Dark Horse David Rice. I had never seen David skate before and was well impressed at his technical ability. Tre-flips on lock down stairs and up euro gaps as standard. Finally Tom Shimmin! I had my suspicions that Tom was going to skate well in this event and he absolutely dominated the comp. In his final run he front 5050’d kickflipped out of the biggest hubba, Front noseblunt-slid the big rail and made a whole plethora of sick flip tricks all over the park. There was no question about who had won.

Oh aye and watch the best trick footage! Some of the tricks made down the stairs were off the hook!

Photos / Video:

Dopezine (on Facebook):


  1. Tom Shimmin 150 Quid
  2. David Rice 50 Quid
  3. Adam Paris 25 Quid
  4. Kieran Menzies
  5. Sean Willis

Best tricks:

  • Big Spin boardslide: Sebastien
  • Fakie Hard Flip: Fraser Mc
  • Fakie Flip: Fraser Mc

A big thanks to all of the sponsors:

  • Skateboard Scotland
  • Redbull
  • Bawbags
  • Karma
  • Indy
  • Anti Hero,
  • Spitfire
  • Hame

The top 3 riders are all getting a free ride to the UK champs on the 25th and 26th of October. So you all know there is potential for Skateboard Scotland to run a Mini bus to the event as well if there is enough interest. So post up on the Skateboard Scotland Facebook if you are interested.

Photos below by ZEEFOTO 2014

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