Scottish Bones Brigade Autobiography Premier

Skateboard Scotland worked with Focus Skateshops to bring the Scottish Premier of ‘Bones Brigade – An Autobiography’ to Edinburgh. As with everything involving Skateboarding we could not confirm the date until the week before the actual premier although, to be honest last minute is probably better for skateboarders anyway. Not sure on the exact numbers that actually showed up in the end but it was over 100 folk from all over Scotland who made the mission to the Pleasance Theatre to check out the film. There was representation from about four generations of Scottish skateboarders. Kenny Omond, Jamie Blair, Russ Hall, Colin Kennedy, the Burrows brothers, Commanderson, Morbid, Budgee and the Skateboard Scotland Board were all in attendance, as well as Kieran Menzies, Ali Bongo, Declan and Tristan representing the Latest generation of Shredders.

Ali Menzies only received a mild bit of heckling whilst he tried to make a speech about the showing. He thanked Sibs for all his help organising the showing of the film and Norm MacDonald for putting him in touch with the company dealing with the Premiers. He also mentioned Scotland’s part of Bones Brigade History, Livi skatepark which Kenny Omond was heavily involved with getting built ensured that the Bones Brigade came to Scotland.

The film was watched and enjoyed although the younger generation moaned about not enough skate footage. You can’t please everyone. Go and watch Public Domain or Animal Chin for the footage guys!

In true 80’s fashion Youngo brought along a fly off for a session in the street outside the theatre. Due to having a broken ankle and the temptation  of cold beer, good chat with old friends and a seat in the pub I opted not to stand out in the cold watching the session. However I heard it went off.

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