Dundee ‘Fundee’ Comp report 2013

The weather was rad for the Dundee Jam for a change. After last year’s wash out it was great to have a dry sunny day for the jam. As always the powers that be in Dundee pulled together a well organised and Fun Jam (hence FUNdee) There was ‘real’ Djing with proper vinyl which was nice to see, a proper gazeebo and Fancy Dress. Ben was on the MIC and ensured that the event ran smoothly with amusing banter. Pannit was on good form and (as far as I am aware) did not actually pannit this year. Well Done! Martin impressed everyone with his ability to drop into anything that you put in front of him by dropping into as high up the wave of death as possible. Rasta Steve went tech and big and managed to place second behind Kieran who once again dominated the competition with massive Ollie and transfer lines.

Results were as follows:

1st Kieran Menzies
2nd Rasta Nick
3rd Jack and McSteez
5th Martin McGuire
6th Terry Beattie
7th Blair Macafferty
8th Goosho
9th Grant Bailley
10th MJ





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