Keep Skateistan Rolling 2013

Keep Skateistan RollingThe festive season is here once again, it’s also the time of year when the awesome Skateistan organisation who do amazing work in Afghanistan and Cambodia run a fundraising drive called “Keep Skateistan Rolling”.

If you are looking to give some money to worthy causes in the festive season then please consider giving money to Skateistan, you will be supporting some amazing work providing education and skateboarding to young people in both Afghanistan and Cambodia – what’s not to like about that?!!!

As well as being able to donate money Skateistan also have a range of products available such as T-shirts, hoodies, stickers as well as an amazing book documenting the work and lives of all the people involved. They are also support by the likes of Zero skateboards, Spitfire wheels, TSG helmets and Fallen shoes who have all made some Skateistan issue products from which a share of the profits will be given to skateistan. So you can support Skateistan simply by buying these products! The Zero decks and Spitfire wheels look pretty awesome, you might want to grab one or more of the decks if you’re in the habit of collecting decks ;)

To find out more about the “Keep Skateistan Rolling” fundraising drive go here:

To check out the Skateistan product range go here:

To check out the Skateistan co-branded products go here:
Skateistan Zero decks and Spitfire wheels

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