Skateboard Scotland organised the Annual Scottish Mini Ramp Championships in Aberdeen’s TX park on the 19th of August 2017. Due to some people being away and the weather in the central belt being pretty dry, the number of riders that showed up to compete was not as Skateboard Scotland had hoped. However the board waited around and ran a 16 and under event while we waited for the likes of Aaron Wilmot and Saul to get up the road from Glasgow. The 16 and under event was of a high level and even had an eight year old visitor from the Margate area (Taylor Cunningham) who competed and skated really well. He was half Scottish so we let him compete. He told us afterwards that he wasn’t sure which country he will be representing at the UK champs. We kept him right on that front. The top 3 riders in the 16 and under comp were all really good, Gwyn made some nice lip tricks, Taylor was making kickflip rocks, rock and roll slides and a whole lot more (may I remind you that he is only 8!), while Matthew Wood just straight destroyed it. He was skating the loosest trucks that I have ever seen bar Daewon and absolutely smashed it even ollieing from the bowl platform into the halfpipe. Gnarly. Results from the 16 and under final as follows:

1st Matthew Wood
2nd Taylor Cunningham
3rd Gwyn Roy
4th Oliver Ulivi

Once enough over 16s decided to show up, three heats were organised, intro runs were done and we ended up with a 5 man final jam. The final was gnarly and with prize money and free transport to the UK Champs at the Wheel and Finns Festival up for grabs, no one was holding back. Local skate coach and worker at TX Endez knows the ramp inside out and skated really well in the qualifiers. Unfortunately he missed a few tricks in the finals and did not end up placing in the money this time. The judges could not split Aaron and Saul up and decided to award them 25 quid each for their efforts. Saul was skating as solid as ever and Aaron was skating well stylishly for a man that had been up all night! He made some lovely large airs, a rad backside Noseblunt and a beautiful frontside flip first go! Needle is an Aberdeen local and showed that he knows the ramp inside out. He pulled loads of rad tricks over the love seat including mayday grinds and a massive backside 5-0 reverting out the hard way. His big airs and alley oops over the hip were rad too. 50 quid was passed to Needle for his efforts. Last but not least BAILLIE! We think that he borrowed Adam Paris’s magic carpet for the event because he pretty much did not fall off anything. Some of the tricks he was making had to be seen to be believed. Sal flip disasters, 540 shuvits, fakie bigspin pivots, slashes on the oververt pocket to name a few of the bonkers tricks that we witnessed. The board unanimously award Baillie first place and 100 quid for the show. Results from over 16 as follows:

1st Baillie
2nd Needle
3rd Aaron Wilmot and Saul
4th Endez

The Scottish Miniramp champs was really fun and Skateboard Scotland would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of the event:

Skateboard Scotland
Doric skateboards
Edinburgh local
EMB Dopezine


Photo Credits: Zeefoto2017

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