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Skateboard Scotland and Leith DIY ran the UK Miniramp championships on Saturday the 21st of August 2021. The last time the event took place it was in Margate so it made a nice change for the Scots to not have to drive the length of the country to attend. After all the sunny dry weather we’ve had of late we were due some rain. And as predicted we got some on the day of the event.  Thankfully as this was not the first time that we’d run a mini ramp championships at the ramp on Leith walk in Edinburgh, the Leith DIY crew already were well versed in chucking up a roof in a matter of hours so that the event could go ahead! So massive props to everyone that helped with that mammoth task! 

So instead of the qualifying rounds starting at 1pm as planned I’m pretty sure that we kicked off at about 6pm. Pretty standard stuff for skateboard events. Unfortunately this meant some folk could not attend due to work etc.  We did have attendance from all over the country and some rad and very slippy skating went down. Team GB represented and took the top 2 spots with Dean Greensmith coming in a very close 3rd. So hard to judge between the top 3 but the newly extended wall ride corner allowed the final judgement as Alex Halford ollied over the hip and into the wall with the slippiest run out ever and Jordan Thackery somehow managed to stick the backside disaster.  Colin Adam also persevered (good Leith word) and got the nose pick and won some cash for his efforts! 

Such a rad community spirit on the day and mad props to Ruari and all the Leith DIY crew to get the ramp finished in time and for managing to build a roof over it! Thanks to the sponsors Focus, Concreate and Campervan brewery! And to MC Mark Burrows for his kind words. Let’s hope that the ramp hangs around till next year and we can host the event without rain for a change. Thanks to @artofthevalleyboy for persevering and taking some photos on the day!

Top 10

1st. Alex Halford
2nd. Jordan Thackery
3rd. Dean Greensmith
4th. Hayden Beck
5th. Louis Morton

6th. Geordie Shaw
7th. Colin Adam
8th. Ross Patrick
9th. Lachlan Shaw
10th. RUARI

Some Instagram coverage of the days events:

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