Historic Environment Scotland have been asked by West Lothian Council to consider designating Livingston skatepark as a “listed building” and Skateboard Scotland have helped shape a survey which HES have released to gather comments and information from people who know and use the skatepark, and/or have a view on its design, history and significance. 

In the UK the only skatepark to have listed status so far is Rom skatepark in London, so it’s not something that has much in the way of precedent so it would be great if as many people as possible can complete the survey and also share the link to it to anyone else you know who might find it of interest.

Livi is a massive part of Scotland’s skating heritage (at one time it was pretty much the only skatepark in Scotland!), so please do share your thoughts and opinions about Livi but also do share any memories of skating the park.

There’s some information at the start of the survey so please check out the survey link for more information:

You can also read HES’s press release for the survey here: Livingston Skatepark questionnaire launches

Also check out Sidewalk’s “Concrete Dinosaurs” feature from a few years back:

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