Enjoi Video Premier @ Focus Glasgow

Words: Martin

SO! The Enjoi video premiere. We arrived early on account of being stranded in town after our ride said he had to go “get petrol and shower” or some other trollop, we headed for the 13th note since its just across from Focus and sells alcohol, I should point out now that I am in no way condoning the drinking of alcohol, but in the words of Hunter S. Thompson, “it’s always worked for me”. While sitting in the ‘note we noticed that folks had already started showing up and skating the banks across the road so we went to join them, just after making a trip to the local off license.

Sitting on the grass drinking wine and beer while skating in the city centre is a fantastic experience I shall not forget in a hurry. After a huge banks session everyone moved over to the blue tiles for some power sliding. Not long after the party was called inside for the start of the video.

Before the Enjoi video, there was a small promo for “West Coast Productions”, a film being produced by some local skaters. I had seen the lad’s work before and this was one of his best pieces of work to date, nice tune and even nicer skating, watch out for that in the near future.

I won’t ramble on about who did what and how many stairs that was in the Enjoi video because as most people should that’s not what Enjoi is about. It’s a company that makes you want to go have fun with your friends, skate the weirdest objects and smile till your jaw hurts. Stand out parts…

Caswell Berry: haven’t seen him skate since Tiltmodes man down and he’s improved so much, style just seeps from his pores!

Jason “the kid” Adams: never one to disappoint, shreds park and street and can wallride a 90 degree angle.

Louie Barletta: the tricks this guy comes up with never get old, always perfecting his blunt to fingerflips on tranny that little bit more in each video part.

Jerry Hsu – 5 words – Skater Of The Year. (Dude, that’s only four – Ed.)

Now not to say that guys outside this list didn’t have fantastic parts, they just didn’t seem to stand out as much as the ones on this list. All in all with those not on the list and those on it, add in a little synchronized park skating, mascots on skateboards and more fun than Pat Sharp could provide on every episode of Fun House, you have a fantastic video that’s going to leave you running out the door to go skate but still wanting more.

And a little something extra for you, I annoyed Mark from your friendly skate shop Focus for an Interview. Click here to read it…


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