The Focus Interview

Questions: Martin

Name, Age, hometown?

Mark Foster, 28, Invergordon, Dundee, Edinburgh and now Glasgow. Very happy with Glasgow.

How’s the shop been doing since it opened? Seems pretty popular with the locals from what I’ve heard…

Skateboard shops exist to support scenes. Their role is to help out locals, provide a complete range of skateboarding hardware, put on events and offer strong coffee to regulars. That’s my aim. I want people to feel welcome – ask where the spots are, get stickers for nothing and come skate with us. We are here to help. Unity in the community as it were. Bring us some biscuits and you’ll be down for life.

That are you guys playing in the shop tune-wise these days?

On the record player this week (we run a strict vinyl policy in here)…

Uncle John and Whitelock – There is nothing else

Minor Threat – Minor Threat

Minutemen – Double nickels on the dime.

Robert Johnson – Both LPs of 2

Tom Waits – Real Gone

Donovan – Sunshine Superman

…or anything you want to listen to. Have a flick through the records.

Any new product yo wanna pitch?

Hardware wise – hopefully everything you may want from a Creature 8.6 wide beast to a twinkle toes toothpick! £20 to £60. A full spread. If you don’t see it – ask, I’ll order it.

Shoes and clothing is good. Standards like Dickies work pants and smaller T shirt companies like URAM and Delphi. Delphi is made by a chap called Matt Irving who does graphics for Stereo, Element and others. It’s really nice stuff. Check it out.

Various limited edition T shirts coming out from Whitelock, Rattray and French coming over the next while. Very nice stuff.

We have shoes from Vans to Nike SB’s. They are flying to both skate and collectors and new stock will come in for all companies over the spring and summer. All styles catered for. I’m all about Lakai’s right now. Perfect skate shoe.

Come and pay respect to Chin.

For those people who don’t know, what’s the situation with the other shop owners around the plaza?

Just don’t skate on the blue tiles please. All the shop keepers pay a fair bit of cash to the upkeep of the court. Please respect their businesses as well as our relationships with them. Thanks.

These premieres at the shop are always great and seem to gather a good crowd, how do you think the Enjoi premiere compared to earlier shin digs?

Well that was the second one so far and they have gone really well. It’s all part of building the community.

We have other events coming like the Krooked premier, a Nike SB launch night and various art / visual shows. Keep tuned. Sign up to the Focus Information Centre at or in the shop.

Describe Bag Of Suck in under 10 words.

Jerry Hsu or £15.

Next premiere?

Probably Krooked, but keep tuned for anything in between.

Is there anyone on the Glasgow shop team? if so who and if not what’s happening with that?

We’ll be sorting some guys out soon. I have been trying to get out and see what’s what and who’s who and I’ve got spies who report back regularly. Glasgow do not fret, we’ll be getting onto that very shortly.

Any idea when the next Focus video will be?

It’s in the pipeline. We have started filming so that’s a start. It’s going to be banging. You seen who’s on our team lately?

Up and coming locals?

I like the guy Tom, he’s really good. Loads of rippers everywhere. I heard Whitelock was on a comeback too.

Last words, plugs, sales pitches, shout outs or what have you?

Tell everybody about the shop. It will help you help us. Shut up and skate. Go to Dundee outdoor skatepark.

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