The Skateboard Scotland t-shirt design competition

We’ve just got down to our last few Skateboard Scotland t-shirts (which you can still buy in the shop, by the way) so we thought we’d run a wee design competition to see if anyone can come up with something cool for the next batch.

The competition rules are quite simple…

1. Design a Skateboard Scotland t-shirt.

2. Email your design to by 1 August 2006 and we’ll add it to this thread in the forums with your name.

3. Everyone in the forums will get a week to vote for their favourite design.

4. Skateboard Scotland will get a batch of t-shirts printed with the winning design and send out two free to the winner.

We’re looking for good ideas as much as well-drawn artwork, so don’t worry if you’re not a great artist – send it in anyway!

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