Oban Jam report

Well what can I say about the days events at the Oban Jam, let me start with saying that it was an excellent day where people were smiling from start to finish, it had a great atmosphere, good tunes (most of the day!) a belter of a mini ramp and a hearty crew of land pirates to session it.

We got there about midday with the burgers already on the grille and a healthy wee session on the ramp going on with some of the locals and A’deen lads giving the coping a healthy bashing with some fancy jumps thrown in on the extension, 1 foot fakies, nose grab fakies,  body-varial-crail-tae-tail-grab boyos and some slick lien airs to mention a few. As the afternoon went on more of the familiar faces started showing up, Liam, Barry, Colin and Davy who provided the quality soundtrack to the day, cheers boys, Div, Colin, Benson, the wallopin squad and many others to join the ever-increasing jam crew.

On to the ramp jam and as there was no set structure to the proceedings more a case of turn up crack the beers n sesh the ramp, the best way to do these things. A healthy session went on most of the day & early evening I will get on to the standouts from the day, the young local boy (sorry don’t know yer name) skated well with solid ollie to 5-0 across & off the extension amongst some over shuv-it ery, local ripper Stuart Orr charged with monster 5-0 fakies, crail to tail body varials crazy 540 attempts (very close) the slickest lien airs seen since blender. Mark Burrows monster runs with alley-oop frontsides aff the extension and some classic nosepicks, the man in white from Aberdeen (sorry forgot yer name) with plenty ollie fakies and kickflip sexchange tae tail, Russ’s ollie tail Bashes, Bensons stale to tail and Div doing what div does fast as hell all over the ramp disastering ahways & frontside slashing the vert wall, job done.
The victor was crowned with a case o’ tennents after the hectic wall sesh went down with Stuarts rock n rolls, Bensons attempted ollie to frontside(close), Burrows frontside 270 out made to the flat then nasty slide out kneestretcher occurrence & Divs frontside slash tae take the spoils.

Right, off to the campsite it was then, the campsite as with the gig venue was located on the isle of Siel 20 minutes drive away at the raddest place I have ever been for a concert, time was running on & light was fading so up with the tent it was. Then one of the funniest things I witnessed that weekend was happening right next to our tent Stewart (Focus) was trying to deal with a drunken Sprocket & the ‘worst tent ever’ to no success, we helped out and after much wrestling with the argos nylon nightmare with half the poles missing, it was in to watch ‘The Wallopers’ wallop out their first ever gig & wallop it they did belting out the soon to be classics ‘Rampface’ ‘Push Mongo’ & another wan! With a healthy mosh pit going on at the front guaranteeing legendary debut stauts.

Then it was the mellower tones of Foxface to keep a healthy balance to the evening, giving us some well constructed vibes to prepare us for.

The main event ‘Uncle John & Whitelock’ who as ever played a belting set of their funkfilled blues/rock numbers to which the crowd went ballistic, this was a quality end to a quality day although all was not over I was just to bleary to remember it as I had ‘my rampface on pushin mongo until dawn’.

Thanks to Tefal & all the organisers, see you there next year.

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