Skateboard Scotland AGM 2006

The 2nd annual Skateboard Scotland AGM went down on the 13th of August at Unit 23 (Chick thanks to for letting us use your fine establishment again). There was a massive crowd of Killer Bill, Maggie (Maggs from Matt and Maggs) and Tom. Shame on all you guys that missed out on a cheap skate at the fine park that Unit23 is. Anyway not much was said as the audience pretty much knew what we have been up to for the last year. Alex went over the accounts which showed that we are just about clear of the red (woo hoo big thanks to the OT). The board was then duely re-elected as follows:

Chairman: Ali Menzies
Vice Chairman: Euan Forrest
Secretary: Rick Curran
Vice Secretary: Neil Currie
Treasurer: Alex Smith
Vice Treasurer: Stu Hill
Website Manager: Joe Tree
Entertainment Manager: Sean Mccabe
Event Co-ordinator: Beki Menzies
Board Member: Mark Golder
Board Member: Kenny Omond

Thanks for all those people that have voluteered their services for the coming year and to all the people that helped the last year go along nicely. All your help is greatly appreciated. If anyone else wants to get involved over and above the mentioned names please feel free to get in touch during the year as we can vote people onto the board at any point.



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