Mac from Arbroath has been developing a new home-grown skate company called “ninetyOne”, a first run of boards have already been produced and sold out immediately. There will be an official launch event in Arbroath at 7pm on Saturday 23rd of April at the Fisherman’s Inn (57 High Street, DD11 1AN, Arbroath, Angus) with video screenings and a chance to check out the new decks. Here’s a bit of a press release from Mac giving the background to ninetyOne and what it’s all about:

Growing up in the “golden era” of skateboarding was the best!

ninetyOne originates from friends in the North East of Scotland, that have been skateboarding for longer than they can remember! Evolving from previous skate stores and various other projects along the way.

The name comes from getting my first “proper” board from Clan Skates in 1991. With Ferg, Poe, Sheepy & a few others not too far behind. It’s safe to say we were hooked from the start!

ninetyOne is a fun/light hearted idea for us & our friends today, that’s reminding us of the great times in our youth. Being able to help out some RAD local skateboarders along the way is great also.

Look out for the launch event later this month (via the link below), for the various boards to be released. Along with some very old VHS footage, 90’s Hip Hop, Tennents Lager & old friends!

Hope to see you there!

ninetyOne-logoYou can find out more about ninetyOne on their website and also via instagram where there is a steady-stream of 90’s skate legends and nostalgia!


Instagram: @ninetyoneskateboards

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