Report from the Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberly Diamond Cup in South Africa

Skateboard Scotland got asked to attend the Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberly Diamond Cup in South Africa. The request from the WSF (World Skateboarding Federation) was to run a coaching clinic which is something that Skateboard Scotland and Radworx know how to do after having created the Skateboard Coach Qualification together. We certainly felt [...]

Bristo Square: The end of an era

Bristo Sq in Edinburgh has been the hub of Scottish Street skating since the 80s. It has certainly seen better days and has suffered a healthy grinding and beating. However it's upcoming destruction along with the redevelopment of the area by Edinburgh University will be a massive loss to the Scottish skateboarding scene. As Edinburgh [...]

Scottish Miniramp Champs 2014 Report

Skateboard Scotland organised the second annual Scottish Mini ramp championships on the 4th of October at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen. The turn-out was better than the year before with people travelling from most parts of Scotland to attend. Adam Paris even managed to get a bus completely the wrong way around Edinburgh to attend the [...]

360 Club Game of Skate

Around 120 people attended the fundraiser Game of Skate held by 360 Skateboard Club on Saturday 15 Nov at Blairdardie Sports Pavilion. The event was supported by Jamie from Clan and Aiden & volunteers from Radworx. There were 60 skaters who took part in the competitions held throughout the day such as highest ollie & flat ground skate. The [...]